Soberiety in SoCal

Getting & Staying Sober in Los Angeles is a challenge. It takes time, discipline, and desire. A simple desire for something better for yourself.

Getting and Staying Sober in Los Angeles…. HARD or NOT?

Decision: Medium Hard

Tips for Success:

  1. A guide service. Much like mountaineering, without a guide you will end up walking around in circles.
  2. Defy social “norms”. Are you not sick of the social norms already? Most everything you do in your life is done because somebody told you do it somewhere along the line, including drinking….. be defiant.
  3. Laugh often. Remember the times when you were young without alcohol and how much fun you had. You are still the same person, you can do that again.
  4. Listen to the science. Alcohol is poison. We will eat organic veggies, drink purified water, swear off big food companies, but poisoning ourselves with alcohol is ok? Alcohol is bad for your health (Don’t give me this, “A glass of wine is good for you” The truth is, the anti oxidants provided in the wine are good for you not the alcohol… This is a “fact” somebody told you)  This health reason should be enough to keep you sober.
  5. Set Goals… The more goals you have, the less time you have to waste. Alcohol is a time waster.

NOTE: Famous Successful people who are sober:


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