A Triathalon

Nautica Malibu Triathalon

1. Completing a Triathalon- Hard or Not?

A triathalon is all about preparation. Do  you have time to prepare for the event? 3-6 weeks is sufficient time to make sure you can complete the triathalon. For almost all people swimming will be the hardest leg. So get in a pool and swim and swim and swim and swim. Then go buy an expensive Tri wetsuit. Specially designed so that you, the participant, does not drown. Then rent a bike, rent a good one, it will make the bike portion of the race roll by faster.

HARD OR NOT? –   Medium.

Keys to success:

  1. Buy or Barrow a TRI Wetsuit.
  2. Rent or Barrow a good bike.
  3. Practice your ocean swimming.
  4. Watch Youtube videos on how to do a Triathalon.
  5. Keep positive, you aren’t there to win, you just need to finish. Don’t let the Freak shows get you down, they train like mad men and have no regard for fatigue. RUN YOUR RACE at YOUR PACE.

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