A Native American Sweat Lodge Ceremony

Sweat lodgeA Native American sweat lodge is something of mystery and tons of magic. I was in Sedona, AZ when I attended the sweat. It was in the beautiful backyard of a Native American Shaman, George. He and his wife ran the ceremony, as it was good to have both feminine and masculine energies in the hut to run the ceremony.

The ceremony is approximately 2 hours in total. With 2 short breaks between sessions, temperatures reaching the high hundreds, depending on your ceremony leaders, you need the breaks.

This is a ceremony. A sacred act of an old culture. A culture who values nature, love, and the human spirit more so than one can truly grasp with just one meeting. It is a ceremony where you confront your demons, give thanks with your sweat (sacrifice), and pray for your world. In the darkness you may see things. As the drum beats your heart may release love, pain, hate, and sorrow all at once. Some say it is your released demons that dance in the darkness only visible to you during the ceremony. Others say it the ghosts of ceremonies past who want to support you through your sacrifice. No matter what it is, I hope you see many things.

Attending a Native American Sweat Lodge Ceremony: HARD or NOT?

HARD. 1422357_10202398155897752_1771624006_nTips for Success:

  1. Hydrate- It is hot. You will sweat. Sweat purifies the soul and is your offering of thanks to the Universe.
  2. Come with a mission: What do you want to release? What are your lurking demons that you can give you the heat? Imagine it in your minds eye and as the drums beat and your body sweats let it come to life. Release.
  3. Choose a good Shaman: Do some homework. This is a dangerous ceremony and should only be conducted by a professional.
  4. Believe: The most important thing is to believe in the ceremony. Get into it, don’t be shy, pray like you’ve never prayed, dance to the drums in the pitch black. There is magic to be seen.
  5. Friends: Do it with a friend or two. Growing together is better than growing alone. 1452340_10202398163977954_656698098_n



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