The Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet HARD or NOT?


The Paleo Diet is a diet that is supposed to take after our ancestors and the diet they may have been on. So logically the diet consists of Nuts, lean meats, fruits, and veggies. You can also add eggs as well, but beans are not allowed. No processed sugars and no added salt. I have been on the Paleo Diet for one week now and have seen a slimming effect as well as an increased stamina throughout my runs.


The Paleo Diet… HARD or NOT?


Tips for Success:

  1. Stock up!! Due to the components of this diet you can load up and have them all over the place. Nuts, Fruit, and Veggies. ALL OVER THE PLACE.
  2. Eat often. Don’t starve yourself. You can find lean meats anywhere.
  3. Mix it up. Have a salad for breakfast and eggs for dinner.
  4. Get Fishy. I love fish. fish fish fish. Eat it. Love it.
  5. Go Organic. Take it or leave it. Pesticides will kill us all one day.
  6. Work out! Feel the difference I swear my muscles feel more cave man like since I started this diet.
  7. Stay committed. It’s not the hardest diet to stick to. You can do it if you really want to.



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