New Years Resolution….. Lose one “Dead Weight” Friend

The New Year is upon us! 52 weeks ONLY really is this 8,760 hours.. WOW.. put it into hours and one year seems as it will blow by like the desert wind across the Polo Fields of Coachella Valley. Bottom line is time is a finite resource. As the Buddah said “You only think you have time”

Well its the truth. And the truth is, if you are like most people, or even maybe extraordinary people, you have one friend in your life whom adds exactly ZERO value to your existence. If this is the case, that friend is causing you lose the finite resource aforementioned….. TIME. Time is being wasted on somebody that adds nothing to your life. 

Make this year the year you get rid of time wasting habits and time wasting people. Friends that add no value to your life, that suck your time and energy from you.. Leaving you tired and drained.  Be rid of that person and use your time for something amazing. 


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