Day Summiting Mount Baldy

Mount Baldy Summit

Mount Baldy Summit

My next “achievement” is Summiting Mount Baldy in 1 day…. HARD or NOT?

Summiting Mount Baldy in 1 day is: MED HARD

Tips for success:

  1. Leave EARLY! if you don’t leave early, making it up and down before dark is close to impossible.
  2. Bring lots of water. It gets hot and you are at a little bit of altitude.
  3. Bring some food. Plan on eating 3 small meals. (i.e. 2000 Calories)
  4. Stop by the visitor center and ask the ranger, which route to the top is best for your skill level. What I take up to the top, will be different than what your mother takes to the top.
  5. Bring a camera! The view from the top is pretty amazing.
  6. ENJOY!

All in all the trip up and down to the summit of Mount Baldy was grueling. Then again, I left late in the morning and had to increase the pace of accent and decent to make up for my miscalculation of time.


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