Nice to meet you!!! You have some food in your teeth.

How many times have you met somebody at a social gathering and ran into the most awkward of situations like “Food in the Teeth”? Other than running into a one-night stand within 1 week of the encounter at an event full of clients and business associates, there are very few more awkward situations.


What do you do? What do you say? Do you stare at the teeth? Do you keep direct eye contact as to not be rude, when they finally figure out they have had food in their teeth the whole time while at this function? They will hate you and everybody else that they spoke with that did not bring attention to the defect. 

HOW TO APPROACH:       It is my firm opinion that when encountered with “Food in the Teeth” or FITT for short, your best way to handle the situation is with dead set honesty. “Oh nice to meet you, there is something in your teeth” or “Wow, heard alot about you, but never heard about all the food in your teeth, what is that salad? was it good? it looks amazing!” or better yet “Great to meet you, my wife has told me so much about your work with the homeless, are you saving that piece of food in your teeth for your next food drive?” 

All these option are 100% appropriate when running into the ever awkward FITT. So when you encounter FITT at your holiday business function or your next client appreciation dinner, be direct, be forward. The person will thank you for it profusely.

Just think! if you don’t tell them, how many meet and greets will they have to go through with FITT. 




First Time Home Buyers

It is my pleasure to work with first time home buyers. This subject comes to me after much time speaking with the Producer of HGTV’s “Home & Family” TV Show. She has been picking my brain for tips and tricks of how to make a house more valuable. This lead me to the thought, “I wonder if I express to my first time home buyers just how important taking the first step to home ownership is?” I concluded: I don’t think I do.

In the following paragraphs I will explain  the benefits of just pulling the trigger, whether it be the perfect house for you or not.

1. RENT vs BUY:  Why pay the landlord your hard earned cash? Granted you may not be able to afford Prime Location on a purchase, but in 10 years, when location ceases to matter, because you won’t be going to the bars or worried what others will think, you will have equity in something, REAL PROPERTY.

2. PRIDE of OWNERSHIP: When you own something you live in, you have an extraordinary sense of pride. The positive energy oozes out of you like you just bought a new pair of sneakers and wore them to the gym for the first time, finding out that you ran faster and lifted heavier than before, MUST HAVE BEEN THE SHOES!!!

3. APPRECIATION of an ASSET: Your house appreciates in value, granted you’re not in the middle of nowhere, but most markets will increase in value as time goes on. You’re going to sell this house one day, or maybe you’ll rent it out, but either way, appreciation is going to happen, don’t miss out.

4. THIS is YOUR FIRST HOUSE, not your last: You may get married in this house, you may not. You may have a kid in this house, you may not. That being said, don’t look for the perfect floor plan mixed with the right paint job on the house, think of this first purchase as a way to start creating wealth. Think of it as a big savings account that one day, when you do get married, when you do have kids, you can sell and buy something that fits just right. If you wait for the perfect place, chances are you will not find it. This does not have to be a long term relationship, just a way to start accumulating more wealth.

5. INTEREST PAYMENT TAX REFUND: That interest that you are paying on your loan… yeah, that $10-$20 Thousand dollars per year that goes to the interest of the loan… THE IRS REFUNDS YOU AT THE END OF THE YEAR!!! You get a nice check. So maybe your mortgage was $3000 a month for your 2 bdroom condo in Hollywood. Well after one year, you actually were only spending $1990 a month to live there. And you have built almost $30,000 worth of equity in the home, it didnt go to your landlord, that money is YOURS!

6. PEOPLE TRUST YOU MORE WHEN YOU OWN A HOME: Everything in your life will look brighter, people will love you more, the birds will chirp, the sun will shine brighter when you own a home. Try it out.

NOTE: I love first time homebuyers. I work with them often and will hold hands all the way through the process. It’s a big deal, but done right you will thank yourself in the future. Now is the time. Start looking today. You can search for homes in your area at