A Sedona Spirit Trip

From the first time I set foot in the AZ city of Sedona, I felt the magic all around. A familiar sense of mysticism and energy. Had I been there before in a past life possibly? What was it? Regardless of what it was, I knew I would return to the beautiful city and find out more. That was 4 years ago.

I have returned and since left the beautiful city once again. This time with a heart and soul more open for answers than ever before and surrounded by love. A new-found love of myself and the love of my most special friends on this planet.

As I set foot in Sedona for the second time in my life, I knew the answers to my questions lied between the fall colored trees, flowing rivers, and beautiful rock formations.

576620_10202398265500492_807453105_nRecently I have made some very big changes in my life, I was seeking confirmation that I was on the right track, headed the direction in which the Universe had chosen for me. Confirmation was what I was in search of and I came out with more answers than I knew what to do with.

These answers came from parts of this Universe I alone could not see. From the other side where relatives go after they finish this life to my own subconscious. This is where the answers lied. They were not in the sands of dry river beds, they were not within the canyon walls of West Fork Trail. The answers were inside me and all around me.

Embarking on a new journey, requires a person to start a new team. Surround yourself with different players, think in different terms. Trust the universe to show you the answers on your journey as they were meant to be seen. The recent changes I had made to my life woke up something so deep and raw in my soul I needed answers.

Answers I received while on my Spirit trip to Sedona:

  1. I am not here alone. I am surrounded by love.
  2. I shall not blame myself for the past.
  3. I am A Warrior of the Light.
  4. I am here for only a short time to learn.
  5. Your soul is learning, you are to look at the joy.
  6. I am the creator. I am the bow, my thoughts the arrow.SoulSpark
  7. Trust in the people.





PlayGround of Dreams Mentorship

Today I sat through what seemingly felt like the fastest 5 hours of my life. The 5 hour orientation blew by! Playground of Dreams as I now understand it is a organization who are committed to the success of young children. Through the tool of mentorship, POD, works alongside schools with kids from all different walks of life. Whether you are the child of a celebrity or an orphan you can find a home within POD. 


One thing I love about the idea of POD is the youth which fills the ranks of the mentors and the organization as a whole. At only 1 year in existence they have an impressive track record. I am happy to be giving my very valuable time to the kids and to the growth of this super star organization. 

I’ve attached some pictures of the last fundraising event that POD hosted. Early October 2013. This event was where I found out about the program. Kids performing were the highlight. From music to comedy sketches, the acts were heart felt and amazing. Each kid getting out of the comfort zone and really living, if we could all do such things on a daily basis, imagine how improved our lives would be.

I am excited to embark upon this journey with a  amazing organization of concerned people very shortly. 

11 Principals of POD:

  1. Courage
  2. Trust
  3. Passion
  4. Integrity
  5. Leadership
  6. Commitment
  7. Acceptance
  8. Love
  9. Empowerment
  10. Gratitude
  11. Creativity

If we could all be so lucky as to live and operate by these principals. The world, starting inside our own world, would be so much more beautiful and love filled daily. I can not speak for others, but as for myself, I will. 




First Time Home Buyers

It is my pleasure to work with first time home buyers. This subject comes to me after much time speaking with the Producer of HGTV’s “Home & Family” TV Show. She has been picking my brain for tips and tricks of how to make a house more valuable. This lead me to the thought, “I wonder if I express to my first time home buyers just how important taking the first step to home ownership is?” I concluded: I don’t think I do.

In the following paragraphs I will explain  the benefits of just pulling the trigger, whether it be the perfect house for you or not.

1. RENT vs BUY:  Why pay the landlord your hard earned cash? Granted you may not be able to afford Prime Location on a purchase, but in 10 years, when location ceases to matter, because you won’t be going to the bars or worried what others will think, you will have equity in something, REAL PROPERTY.

2. PRIDE of OWNERSHIP: When you own something you live in, you have an extraordinary sense of pride. The positive energy oozes out of you like you just bought a new pair of sneakers and wore them to the gym for the first time, finding out that you ran faster and lifted heavier than before, MUST HAVE BEEN THE SHOES!!!

3. APPRECIATION of an ASSET: Your house appreciates in value, granted you’re not in the middle of nowhere, but most markets will increase in value as time goes on. You’re going to sell this house one day, or maybe you’ll rent it out, but either way, appreciation is going to happen, don’t miss out.

4. THIS is YOUR FIRST HOUSE, not your last: You may get married in this house, you may not. You may have a kid in this house, you may not. That being said, don’t look for the perfect floor plan mixed with the right paint job on the house, think of this first purchase as a way to start creating wealth. Think of it as a big savings account that one day, when you do get married, when you do have kids, you can sell and buy something that fits just right. If you wait for the perfect place, chances are you will not find it. This does not have to be a long term relationship, just a way to start accumulating more wealth.

5. INTEREST PAYMENT TAX REFUND: That interest that you are paying on your loan… yeah, that $10-$20 Thousand dollars per year that goes to the interest of the loan… THE IRS REFUNDS YOU AT THE END OF THE YEAR!!! You get a nice check. So maybe your mortgage was $3000 a month for your 2 bdroom condo in Hollywood. Well after one year, you actually were only spending $1990 a month to live there. And you have built almost $30,000 worth of equity in the home, it didnt go to your landlord, that money is YOURS!

6. PEOPLE TRUST YOU MORE WHEN YOU OWN A HOME: Everything in your life will look brighter, people will love you more, the birds will chirp, the sun will shine brighter when you own a home. Try it out.

NOTE: I love first time homebuyers. I work with them often and will hold hands all the way through the process. It’s a big deal, but done right you will thank yourself in the future. Now is the time. Start looking today. You can search for homes in your area at www.findlosangeleslistings.com

Growth Through Action

The universe doesn’t give you what you ask for with your thoughts – it gives you what you demand with your actions.

So you are like I used to be, or I used to be like you (if you are like 90% of the people out there) whichever way you choose to think about it is up to you. Either way, you are  in neutral when it comes to life. You have remained in the same place for years. Blaming this or that, complaining, writhing with the pain of non-growth.

As the human species has evolved over thousands of years, you are meant to evolve as well. To evolve is to be human, to be human is to grow. Are you tired of non growth? Are you tired of the same old thing? You should be.

In the following writing I will present a few ideas on action you can take to push yourself to where you want to be. They will be short & sweet, not all will be easy, but they will set you firing in the right direction.


1. Quit Planning– Nothing ever goes as planned as you may well know, so set your sights on what you want and look for the opportunities presented to get you there. (opportunities will present themselves if you follow the rest of the tips)

2. Change Your Environment– What you are doing now is not working for you, you are barely alive, you breath, you exist, but what are you doing? Choose 5 people you know that you want to be very similar to, make an effort everyday to see one of them, talk to them, text with them. You are exactly like the 5 people you spend the most time with. Look around you, do you hang out with losers? Guess what? You’re a loser too! ta-da. Now get to work.

3. Get Honest– Be honest with yourself first, then everybody else. You’ve been lying saying “I don’t drink too much” “I’ll work out tomorrow” “People love hanging around me” “I’ll help out with that charity next time” Don’t be a liar.

4. Get Fit– Taking care of your body will nurture your mind. In addition the health aspects of being fit, looking in the mirror at your fit naked self will instill endless amounts of confidence which will help you seize opportunities when they are presented. These taken opportunities will get  you moving forward and out of neutral.

5. Believe– Believe that you have the ability to change. Believe in love. Believe in a power which is higher than yourself. When you believe in something you are giving the universe the permission to present it to you.

Note: Following these 5 steps on a daily basis will let opportunities be presented to you. It’s your responsibility to seize the opportunities. To recognize them, then grab them, then nurture them, then move forward. Maybe in later writing I will explain how to realize when an opportunity is being presented to you, but the one tip I can give you on “How to recognize and Opportunity” is to  BE PRESENT! 

Ahhhhh, now you want to know how to be better at being Present? One tip on being present, remove anything from your life that dulls your senses and abilities. 

Climbing a windy cold mountain & how it changed a part of me

Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.
Helen Keller 

Today I returned to LA on a plane. This plane flight concluded my latest but most definetly not last adventure, The summiting of Mount Rainier.

With new friends and old friends (8 in total) we accended Mount Rainier on Thursday Morning. After 6 Hours of hiking and 6000 feet later we spent the night at Camp Muir. We went to bed at 7:00pm due to wind chill and absolute freezing temperatures.

Wake up was at 7:00am, Breakfast at 8:00am and training was at 9:00am. Needless to say it was still cold, but the sun was out and wearing crampons and helmets is always a good time. We were feeling good about our adventure thus far. Our guides proved to be great, the guide team consisted of 3 people for our 8 climbers, one of the guides is the world record holder for fastest accent of Mount Everest (4.5 hours from base camp to summit…. I know…. crazy… I know)

After training we hiked to Ingram Flats about 1500ft vertical. We slept is small tents for the night.. This night we went to bed at 5pm… why? Because once again it was too cold and windy to be anywhere but in your tent trying to sleep. Image

The schedule called for a 1am wake up and a 2am to start our final accent to the summit of Mount Rainier. No need for a wake up, when you can’t sleep. The winds were so strong I was surprised we did not get blown into the giant crevass that was only 50 feet away from our tents. We packed our packs and off we went.. Day 3 and we are embarking on the final 4000 feet at 2am.


Day 3 was the final accent day and by far the most difficult part of the journey. We crossed the glacier, went under seracs, rock fall areas, and other very dangerous things. Image

After climbing the glacier from 2am-8:30am.. we summited. We stood atop Mount Rainier and shouted down to her!! As we stayed up at 14,400 feet for about 30 minutes and explored her peaks. It was at this moment, when I looked down and saw how small we were on this giant mountain, above the clouds, away from anything that could be construed as “secure” or “a sure thing”  something inside me happened. A sense of achievment? perhaps? a yearning for the next adventure? more likely. But maybe a decision was made at that moment…. a decision that will shape the future of my time here on this planet. Image

Things I decided:

I will not avoid the so called danger of this world, everything we do daily has the possibility of danger. I will live everyday with an adventurous spirit, saying yes and opening up for experiences. I will seek out more adventures to share the adventure with, if they are yes people, they are my kind of people. I will start thinking “Bigger picture” more consistently, we are so small on this huge piece of the universe. And last but not least, I will trust myself more to achieve the seemingly difficult or impossible tasks of my journey every time.


If you would like to know how to climb Mount Rainier, or at least my tips on “how to” please visit my “Hard or Not” part of the writings.

Top 5 Ways to Prepare for Something Spectacular

Glacier Hike

“Spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular preparation”-Robert H. Schuller

As I prepare for my adventure there is an endless amount of gear I have to purchase or rent… Glacier hiking is not for the “bargain” hunting adventurer. After countless hours spent online researching gear, and youtube videos of”How-To’s” on ice climbing, there is also the amount of money I have spent in Sports Chalet, REI, and other sporting good stores, this being said, finally I FEEL PREPARED!

Albeit shopping and research is what most of us would consider “unspectacular” it is a necessity when embarking upon a challenge with a 50% Fail Rate.

This brings me to the idea of being prepared everyday of your life for something spectacular to happen! expect it.

Top 5 Ways to be prepared for something spectacular:

  1. Get to Bed Earlier TONIGHT!– (Often overlooked, but most important)
  2. Get Present-  Don’t worry about tomorrow, or the past, focus on what is happening right now in front of you. What are you doing right now? focus on it, pay attention, it may be the “something spectacular” you have been looking for.
  3. Be Willing to Receive- If you’re not willing to receive something then you’re not going to get it.
  4. Get Physical– break a sweat. lose yourself in a run. lose yourself in yoga for an hour. Sometimes getting out of your head and into your body will present the most spectacular results.
  5. Spend Time With People Who do Spectacular– We are most like the 5 people we spend the most time with. Make sure those 5 people are lifting you up, talking ideas, creating spectacular moments for themselves and others.

With a few adjustments you can add something amazing to your story everyday. What holds us back the most in most cases is fear. Fear of happiness, adventure, loss, etc.. Fear is natural, but being controlled by it is NOT.

Give up fear and create your Spectacular Life!

How To Be A F%#king Man…

Fresh Guidelines for a Fresh Generation… Drink up my and enjoy… And don’t forget to live!


We’ve all seen and perhaps grown tired of guides and lists that are ripe with tedious clichés and full of humdrum regurgitated meme wisdom. For that very reason, in collaboration with CNBC’s John Carney (@Carney) here is a fresh and hopefully thoughtful look at what it means to be a man today.

  • Stop talking about where you went to college.
  • Always carry cash.  Keep some in your front pocket.
  • Rebel from business casual. Burn your khakis and wear a suit or jeans.
  • It’s okay to trade the possibility of your 80s and 90s for more guaranteed fun in your 20s and 30s.
  • If you are handling a small white baggy in a bathroom stall, face away from an open toilet. (This was censored from the original article)
  • The best public restrooms are in hotels: The St. Regis in New York, Claridge’s in London, The Fullerton in Singapore, to name a few.

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