A Sedona Spirit Trip

From the first time I set foot in the AZ city of Sedona, I felt the magic all around. A familiar sense of mysticism and energy. Had I been there before in a past life possibly? What was it? Regardless of what it was, I knew I would return to the beautiful city and find out more. That was 4 years ago.

I have returned and since left the beautiful city once again. This time with a heart and soul more open for answers than ever before and surrounded by love. A new-found love of myself and the love of my most special friends on this planet.

As I set foot in Sedona for the second time in my life, I knew the answers to my questions lied between the fall colored trees, flowing rivers, and beautiful rock formations.

576620_10202398265500492_807453105_nRecently I have made some very big changes in my life, I was seeking confirmation that I was on the right track, headed the direction in which the Universe had chosen for me. Confirmation was what I was in search of and I came out with more answers than I knew what to do with.

These answers came from parts of this Universe I alone could not see. From the other side where relatives go after they finish this life to my own subconscious. This is where the answers lied. They were not in the sands of dry river beds, they were not within the canyon walls of West Fork Trail. The answers were inside me and all around me.

Embarking on a new journey, requires a person to start a new team. Surround yourself with different players, think in different terms. Trust the universe to show you the answers on your journey as they were meant to be seen. The recent changes I had made to my life woke up something so deep and raw in my soul I needed answers.

Answers I received while on my Spirit trip to Sedona:

  1. I am not here alone. I am surrounded by love.
  2. I shall not blame myself for the past.
  3. I am A Warrior of the Light.
  4. I am here for only a short time to learn.
  5. Your soul is learning, you are to look at the joy.
  6. I am the creator. I am the bow, my thoughts the arrow.SoulSpark
  7. Trust in the people.





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