Something to learn from Raphael Nadal

Winner Winner

Winner Winner

After watching today’s US Open Championship, we can take away a few good lessons from the super star tennis player Raphael Nadal. Stepping into the match as the underdog, coming back from a knee injury of last year, he proved the critics wrong by overcoming some awesome deficits and winning the US Open for the second time in his career.

Over and over again he battled his opponent until the opponent made a mistake. Over and over again he broke his opponent down and stayed consistent.

Lesson #1:  Don’t listen to the critics.

Lesson #2: If you battle harder than anybody else, you will eventually break their spirit and they will have no other option than to lose to you.

Lesson #3: You don’t have to play perfectly every time, just ALMOST every time. Too many screw ups and you’re not going to make it to the next set, match, game, meeting, etc…

Lesson #4: Be an ambassador of your action. Make it look fun, sexy, exciting, no matter what!! Make other people look at you and say “I want to do it just like that” INSPIRE


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